Dovetail Summits are all-inclusive invite-only weekends for female entrepreneurs on the leading edge of their fields. 

It is likely that this was the most transformational weekend of my life
— Genevieve DeRose, Inner Balance Pilates Studios

We've put together a special offering for our friends in the Money Masters Program. The Money Masters package includes the full Dovetail Summit weekend experience, plus an additional overnight stay at our lodge and a full day and night of private Money Masters workshops with Jennifer Love. Your ticket includes: 

  • All  gourmet food, drinks, and lodging in a beautiful room at our private mountain lodge (Island Lake Lodge, Fernie BC)
  • Fireside talks, workshops, roundtables, and carefully curated and facilitated mastermind groups designed to up-level your business
  • Optional indoor and outdoor activities, including whitewater rafting, high ropes, guided mountain biking, hiking, hot tubs, SUP & canoes on our private lake, and more surprises
  • An extra night stay, (Sunday August 12 to Monday August 13) with intimate, invite-only workshops with Jennifer Love, exclusive to Money Masters participants invited to participate in the Dovetail Summit.



mastermind groups


The mastermind sessions are some of the most popular sessions at Dovetail Summits. They're designed to build relationships within our community and create space for every participant to share, problem solve, and support one another. Throughout the summit weekend, the mastermind groups gather and follow guidelines to provide support and a "hot seat" opportunity for every participant. 



Loosely based on Open Space Meeting frameworks, our roundtables are opportunities for every woman to have a say in the topics and agenda covered over the course of the weekend. The roundtables are peer-led, and designed to be highly interactive conversations about topics that impact our participant's businesses and lives. Past roundtable topics included: personal branding, managing your family and personal life like a business, company & personal value alignment, hacking your schedule, partnerships, angel investing, and more. 

fireside talks

Dovetail Fireside Talks are engaging and entertaining talks given by selected participants. We invite a handful of Dovetail women to give Fireside Talks over the course of the weekend, on a wide range of business and life topics. Past Fireside Talk subjects included: Innovation; Stories and Strategies From Failed Inventions, Sex & Relationships For Entrepreneurs, Angel Investment, High Level Negotiation Strategies, Managing Your Hormones To Manage Your Business, and more. 

ILL deck.jpg

Comfortable private accommodations

Get comfortable, let down your hair, take off your shoes and throw on some flip flops or slippers. There's no need to dress up, our lodge is reserved exclusively for our group. It's a big, comfortable haven with a bit of luxury: an on-site spa, hot tubs, patios, decks, lakefront mountain vistas, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. 


outstanding activities

Our morning activity sessions are great opportunities for casual conversations or unforgettable adventures.  Experience the great outdoors on a whitewater rafting trip, a guided biking adventure, a trip to the high ropes course, or a hike, or just relax at the lodge and take a canoe out for a paddle on the lake, check out the spa, or test out a hammock or lounge chair with a view. 

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delicious food + drinks

Enjoy healthy, delicious meals, snacks, and drinks! We might be at a lodge, but we're not serving camp food! Our in-house chefs design special menus for our group, and can accommodate all your dietary needs. 


Curious about what a day at a Dovetail Summer Summit looks like? Check out our summer summit schedule outline here. 

(Please note: the Money Masters special program also included private workshops with Jennifer Love on the afternoon and evening of August 12, and the day of August 13, plus all meals until your departure on August 13. This information is not included in the schedule page, as it's exclusive to our Money Masters participants). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who's attending?

We believe that the best people always make the best experiences, so we curate guest lists of female founders, investors, and innovators who are at the top of their industries. Our community members include tech company founders, manufacturing business owners, angel investors, marketing and PR company owners, a vintner (with amazing wines!), a superfood company founder, health and wellness pros, a sex therapist, an HGTV star (with her own construction co.), and more. The diversity of our community members niche expertise leads to incredible depth of conversation, and so many innovative ideas and business support for all. 

Our summits are not about one single individual or guru on stage. Each and every one of our participants is chosen for their ability and willingness to give, share, and learn from every member of the community. Want to know more about our attendees? Check out the home page for details about our community members, or read our manifesto. 


What if I don't know anyone? Can I come alone? 

Yes! More than half of the participants at our last summit didn't know anyone, and now they're part of an amazing community of female entrepreneurs.  If you're in a double/ shared room we'll partner you with someone who's a great fit for you based on your responses to the pre-summit survey, or you can select your own roommate prior to the summit. You'll also have a chance to "meet" everyone in the private Summer Summit Facebook group before the summit. Dovetail events are highly interactive, and with a small intimate group of fewer than 50 participants you're guaranteed to connect with others. 


Are people going to sell from the stage or pitch things all weekend? 

Nada. We don't have a stage and Dovetail Summits are pitch-free-zones. Leave your business cards at home, and relax into real conversations without worrying about anyone having ulterior motives! Our community is based on respect, giving-first, and we grow through real, authentic connections. We promise not to pitch you, and neither will our faculty or other community members. You're safe here.


How Do I Get To And From The Lodge?

We have optional ground transportation available for anyone coming from the Calgary Airport or Cranbrook Airport. If you are flying into Calgary, the bus will be departing the airport at approximately 12:15pm on August 9th, so plan to arrive before then or fly in prior to the 9th and explore beautiful Calgary and the foothills of the Rockies.  If you're flying into Cranbrook, you're only about an hours drive away from the lodge, and the bus will be leaving the airport at approximately 2:30pm on August 9th. Depending on how many people are flying into Cranbrook, we may organize additional ground transfer departure times so no one has to wait too long at the airport. 

On Sunday August 12 optional ground transportation will depart the lodge at approximately 2:30pm, with a bus arriving at Cranbrook airport at approximately 3:30pm, and a bus arriving at Calgary International Airport at approximately 6:00pm. 


Can I bring my partner or kids? 

The value of Dovetail Summits is in the learning and connecting with other community members. We have limited space available for fewer than 50 participants at this event, therefor we will not be able to accommodate partners or children. We may open future events to families and children, so please do let us know if this is something that you'd be interested in.


What's the cancellation policy? Are tickets transferrable?

We hope you won't have to cancel, but just in case you do our cancellation policy is as follows:

There are limited spots available at the Dovetail Summer Summit, and our participants tend to require plenty of notice to book time in their busy schedules.  Once you reserve your place you are not eligible for a refund, however at our last summit we had twice as many women on the waitlist as we had spaces available, so if you need to cancel we will do our best to find someone to take your place. If we do we will provide you with a full refund. As this is an invite-only event with a curated guest list, tickets are not transferrable by participants.

What's a Dovetail, and Who's Behind This Event?


A "dovetail" is a carpentry joint commonly found in log cabins, where two or more pieces of wood are interlocked without the use of nails or glue. The verb "dovetail" is used to describe two or more ideas, plans, or people that fit together. Dovetail facilitates workshops, retreats, and summits that bring people together to learn, grow, and build stronger connections and communities. Interested in a program exclusively for your team or company? Check out the teambuilding & training company Dovetail site here. 

Alexis Dean launched Dovetail in January 2015 after spending almost ten years working as a facilitator, trainer, and educator in 21 countries with more than 100 corporate teams and school faculties. Alexis and her team host private trainings and retreats for well known companies including Rogers, RBC, BMO, Altus Group, Roche, PointClickCare, and more. 

circular blue shirt headshot.png

In 2017 at the height of the #metoo movement, Alexis saw a need to create more opportunities for community building, masterminding, and collaboration among high performing female entrepreneurs. She combined her experience as a facilitator with her passion for planning and hosting entrepreneur events,  and the Dovetail Summit was born.  

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.
— Unknown
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